Reggae Showcase UK

Reggae Showcase UK

Reggae Showcase UK:
To kick off this exciting new series of music thrills,a one-hour special, Host Savana and co-host Eccentrik gives the Best of reggae music, hot interviews, and all the what’s new and what’s happening from the Caribbean to the UK.
The new series starts off every Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm. This is going to be one of the hottest Series, live audience, news segment, and also a fashion segment with your favorite Co-host and fashionista Eccentrik. It doesn’t matter if you like roots, Reggae or Dance-hall, because when your watching reggae Showcase UK, you have all the latest in every genres, with some of the hottest artist and new releases.Reggae Showcase UK is the ultimate destination for music and Reggae culture.
We have the latest musicvideos, band info, entertainment news,photos and album previews, just to name few. Stay tune for more update, until then catch us on SKY 232 This Friday from 9pm. Reggae Showcase UK:


Reggae Showcase UK


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