Reggae artist Spice collaboration with Missy Elliot ‘FUN”

One of reggae music’s most controversial female lyricist, Spice, is making fast moves in the competitive music scene. In a blood thirsty entertainment industry; such as reggae music; artists have to be persistent in putting out new music and Spice is no different. The sultry reggae spice-ft-missy-elliotsinger has just put out a new track called ‘Body Great’ and the single is on the Good Up Tun Up riddim. In the twitter sphere, the buzz about the song is so huge that it has lead to a reshuffling effect. Because of this, Spice is working on putting out another two versions of her single—‘Body Great’. This is how it breaks down—Spice has just dropped the first version on the radio and the second is the raw version of her single ‘Body Great’.

Spice, who is known for her daring language about sexual promiscuity, is very entertaining when it pertains to the adventures of man grabbing. Spice is considered the femme-fatale of reggae music and her lyrics seem to show this. In a music genre that is lacking in overall star quality; Spice might possibly be the crossover talent that reggae in America needs. From her discography, Spice has a history of working with the top names in reggae and hip-hop music. Back in 2011, Spice collaborated with Vybz Kartel on a song called ‘Romping Shop’.

Having worked with such a high profile artist, such as Vybz Kartel, the video version to ‘Romping Shop’ went viral on YouTube within hours of its release. Reaching across the Atlantic, Spice has also worked with hip-hop star Miss Elliot. The both of them did a song together titled ‘Fun’. In building her music reputation, Spice has enough firing power and star quality to make it big in the entertainment industry.

In the United States, ‘Body Great’ might be the smash hit that can take the ‘pop scene’ by storm. With the growing support behind her, Spice is going to heat up the music charts this spring and summer 2012. The ‘Body Great’ single, either the raw or clean version, can be heard on the radio, in the club scene, or downloaded on almost all social media platforms.


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